V568 ST, V568 PF

Range: Fish
Type: Manual skinner
Format: One-piece

Cutting width: 488mm Perfect for fillets with delicate skins: white fish fillets, squid, sepia...

The PF version allows to leave even more silver on the fillets thanks to the patented VARLET system.

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V568 PF - Peleuse / Fish Skinner

VARLETmachines - V568 V428 Peleuse trancheur manuel / V568 V428 Manual skinner slicer

VARLETmachines - Peleuse manuelle V568ST / Manual skinner V568ST

VARLETmachines - V568ST Peleuse manuelle / V568ST Manual skinner

VARLETmachines - V568 peleuse manuelle / V568 Manual skinner